Founded in 2001, Team Vision Construction is a fast-growing company providing knowledgeable service that strives to build lasting value for our clients. We believe in supporting our clients as well as our communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us. We exist to create experiences where relationships and purpose come together. 


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Team Vision Construction is a Houston based team of talented, driven professionals who bring the best of technical knowledge, 100+ years of industry experience, and resourcefulness to develop trust by delivering the highest standard of construction services. We offer a full range of construction services that include construction management services, sub contractor management services, site work, ground up construction, and commercial interior buildouts. We have dedicated supervisors assigned to manage each project from the pre-construction stage helping our clients define their vision, needs and best value through managing expectations and finally through to it’s successful completion. Our hands on expertise and operational success is a direct result of our heritage with our parent company FS Group Architects which gives us the operational depth to take up any construction challenge. We embrace the rich potential of urban neighborhoods and help enrich the lives of those impacted by our projects.


"I engaged Mr. Sabir to design my new medical office building after I was displeased with the design that our General Contractor presented as part of his design-build proposal. Sabir presented his new design with a large circular building lobby with a large skylight which filled the space with magnificient natural light. The exterior is a nice rose colored brick and stucco combination with large windows that was taken from the rice university buildings. The building design is very professional and appealing. FSGroup also designed the interiors of the medical suites by creating a standard for the medical Architects build-outs to maintain quality and uniformity. The Nuclear Camera Clinic, EECP and the CAT Scan Lab have been designed and executed very professionally and to a very high design standard. FSGroup Architects brought high design standards and quality at a very reasonable price and we appreciate their hard work."

-Dr. Mangi




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